If you have any questions which aren't answered below, you can reach us at or via our contact us page.

QUESTION: Is there a registration deadline?
No, there is no deadline for registration, however once a section is sold out you will no longer be able to register for that section.

QUESTION: Is online payment the only option? 
No, online payment is not the only option. If you wish to pay locally, or via some other method contact us after you have entered your desired costume details and we will facilitate your payment

QUESTION: What is the payment schedule for my costume?
The first payment is due at the time of registration. Final payment of any outstanding balance is due by April 14th. You may make payment during this period

QUESTION: Is there a physical location to view costumes and make local payments?
A physical location for viewing as well as making local payments will be announced soon

QUESTION: Are you merging routes with other bands on Carnival Sunday?
The full details of the Xaymaca route will be announced shortly

QUESTION: Is there a "T-Shirt" section?
Yes, we do offer a T-Shirt section, "REBELS" Presented by 1NDIVIDUAL. Click here for more details.

QUESTION: Are more covered options available for each costume? 
Yes, we offer monokini  as well as full panty options for each costume. Check the photo gallery for your preferred costume for a sketch of what the monokini option will look like

QUESTION: Can I switch costumes after I have registered and paid my deposit. 
No, once you've made your selection of costume and options, and made your deposit payment, we cannot offer section changes.

QUESTION: Can I switch my sizing options after I have registered and paid my deposit? 
Unfortunately once you've finalized your costume selection and sizing we cannot offer changes. So, please, take the time to make sure you get what fits you best when you're on the road with us come Carnival Sunday.